Flutter: Creating Custome ListView with Map List


In Flutter we can create a ListView in different ways. we can get data directly from the backend Databases or through APIs also but in this, we have our data at our end we the help of the list we can create the Custome ListView according to the length of our list.

You can have a Map List Like this:

List<Map> products = [

{“id”: “01” ,”name”:”dnyaneshwar wakshe “},

{“id”: “02” ,”name”:”Aarush Babbar”,},

{“id”: “03” ,”name”:”Abrar Alsam”},

{“id”: “04” ,”name”:”Satyam Chaurasiya”},


Then Create ListView Builder in the Same class. In the below code, we have used ListView.separated() With this we get a separation line between the ListTile.

Syntax for getting data from List<Map> is <linstName>[index][“keyName”]